Military brat was pretty much what I was branded from birth. I spent my younger years wandering around different countries with my family, switching schools and changing locations, all the while absorbing cultures. My appreciation for design, media, technology and culture pretty much flourished with my interchangeable life as my life’s landmarks were enriched by North American, Latin, African and European cities. Because of my lack of concrete feet, I grew up very adaptable to exist around the chaos of interchangable cultures, injecting their philosophies as my own while analyzing their core.

Throughout my career, I’ve had incredible opportunities to work with amazing professionals, clients and agencies with distinct expertise in their fields. I started my career working in advertising as an Art Director at an elite agency. Over the years, I’ve expanded my knowledge and passion by having the privilege of working at animation and film production studios, working as an SEO at an Internet Analytics agency, and being a Publisher’s Assistant and Media Department Head at an established Vancouver Island magazine publisher.

One of the most important things I have learnt is to never stop learning and growing as a professional – let alone person. An individual is not doing themselves – or their clients – any justice if they continue to stay stagnant… especially in this field! I also hold three degrees in Graphic Design, Digital Media, and Culture & Technology. When your passion is your job, your job is never work.